Frequently Asked Questions

How many bowel movements a day?

– The number of bowel movements each day will vary – Ideally, we would be like the baby that eats and then shortly thereafter has a bowel movement… – But… we are not always that regular, some physicians believe that 1-2 bowel movements a week is adequate, but we believe that you should have a minimum of at least one bowel movement per day.

What is I-ACT?

– I-ACT is the International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy – I-ACT establishes the training standards and guidelines – I-ACT is committed to work with the FDA, International organizations, states and municipalities to enhance the safety of colon hydrotherapy – I-ACT is the certifying body for colon hydrotherapists around the world

How will I know my therapist is reputable?

We recommend that you seek the services of an I-ACT certified colon hydrotherapist using currently registered FDA equipment and disposable supplies, and filtered water.

How do I find a therapist?

Contact I-ACT at (210) 366-2888 Or check out the I-ACT Web site at

What is the I-ACT policy on Disposable vs. Stainless Steel Speculums?

I-ACT recommends the use of disposable speculums or rectal nozzles…. However if stainless steel speculums are used, then I-ACT recommends these stainless steel speculums be autoclaved for safety and sanitation. The procedure must be in compliance with the laws of your state for sterilization of hospital equipment.

How do I know the Equipment is safe?

I-ACT recommends the use of FDA registered equipment only (or equipment registered with a similar agency in your country)

What are the classifications of FDA registered equipment?

– The FDA has 3 classifications of equipment to instill water into the colon • Class 1 – Enema kits (over the counter) • Class 2 – Colonic Irrigation System • Requires physician (or state defined individual) to purchase • Class 3 (for general well being) – Currently no equipment in this category

What other Policies does I-ACT have?

I-ACT requires that the therapist does not diagnose, treat or prescribe unless they are licensed to do so.

What is the Value of I-ACT

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