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About Us

The International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy (I-ACT) is the premiere professional membership organization for colon hydrotherapists around the world.  It provides high-quality education and training programs for the purpose of certification, as well as continuing education programs to keep member therapists growing and learning to stay on top of the profession.  A worldwide organization, with member in 28 countries, I-ACT strives to embody high standards of education and professionalism in all it does.

The organization is led by an elected board of directors who set the strategic direction and oversee committees which help move the colon hydrotherapy professional forward while helping individual member therapists be the best they can be.  These committees give members the opportunity to participate, grow and develop as leaders and professionals.

Founder Connie Allred envisioned a profession with high quality education and training standards available to all who wished to learn.  Today, her vision is growing as the profession does.  I-ACT is more than 1400 members strong and thriving into the future as the guardian of the profession.

Policy Statement

I-ACT recommends the use of currently registered FDA equipment and disposable rectal nozzles/speculae.


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Being a full member of I-ACT ranks you among the top colon hydrotherapy professionals in the world.  For more than 30 years, I-ACT members have understood the value of membership, belonging to something bigger than themselves.

I-ACT helps member therapists practice safely, develop through high quality educational standards, and participate and find support in a sharing, caring community that circles the globe.

Membership has its advantages!  Along with the incredible support and networking, your membership entitles you to many valuable benefits, including certification advancement; professional development and conference events; progressive educational training; professional liability insurance options; marketing tools and resources; legal and legislative resources; continuing education opportunities; the latest gut health information; and much more.

I-ACT membership gives you the professional clout you need to stand confident and secure, knowing you have the education, training, and skill as a certified colon hydrotherapy professional.  When you belong to I-ACT, you are never alone.

I-ACT Membership

Meet The Board

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