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A New Choice For Colonoscopy Preparation

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

DANBURY, CT – January 24, 2008 – People sometimes avoid a colon cancer screening because they fear the inconvenience of the cleansing preparation more than the colonoscopy itself. Danbury Hospital is the first hospital in Connecticut and around the nation to offer an alternative method to cleanse the bowel to prepare for a colonoscopy -- one that is more convenient, quicker, and eliminates having to drink a gallon of liquid laxatives the night before. “Patients now have a choice,” said Joseph Fiorito, M.D., chief of the Section of

Gastroenterology, a nationally recognized program at Danbury Hospital, the regional medical center and university teaching hospital. The innovative new method is called colon hydrotherapy, a procedure that infuses warm, filtered, chemical-free water into the colon to cleanse it prior to colonoscopy, a life-saving screening that detects pre-cancerous polyps. The infusion is done by a trained technician in a private room at the hospital, in a soothing atmosphere with little discomfort to the patients. Patients lie on a stretcher on their backs and sides for the 45-minute procedure that flushes water in and out of the colon prior to colonoscopy.

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